We are investors with a hands on approach.

We bring more than just capital; A network of strategic partners in behavioral science, technology, data science, and pan-African infrastructure

We invest in and build inclusive FinTech startups leveraging technology, behavioral  economics, and industry expertise – creating innovative financial products and services. Our vision is to empower world-leading entrepreneurs to develop for-profit solutions that will  drive financial inclusion in Africa and  serve more than 1 billion people in this underserved market.

With 85% mobile penetration and only 20% access to financial services in Africa, we are facing one of the biggest windows of opportunity of our era; the opportunity to bridge the market gap and change people’s lives while building scalable profitable companies that consumers need and want.

Our Formula:


Our mission is to bring financial inclusion to Africa’s underserved market

We see ourselves as partners more than investors. We work together with our entrepreneurs, guiding and providing them with the environment, support and resources they need to succeed.  Our internal resources include behavioral science experts and methodologies, data scientists, fintech experts and business presence and infrastructure throughout Sub-Sahara Africa. In addition to that we have a vast network of partners and strategic advisers who work with us.

Financial technology experts

Product and user experience experts

Behavioral economics methodologies

Marketing and growth strategies


Data Science Experts

What is Behavioral Economics and how is it helping us?

Behavioral Economics  studies how people behave and how the environment and external factors affect the decisions we make, assuming that humans are irrational.  It is essentially the science of why we do what we do.

By understanding human behavior, decision making and motivations, we can help startups and companies make better products, value propositions, grow their user base and create greater engagement. In emerging markets we especially believe that technology and behavioral economics together can  play a significant role in bringing financial inclusion.

With the guidance of Prof. Dan Ariely, we examine how people in emerging markets, and specifically sub-Saharan Africa, behave and interact with financial products and services; How is trust built? How do we introduce concepts like saving or insurance by using technology? How do we facilitate and help create new habits?

Based on our research, we develop methodologies that are applied to our companies’ philosophy, strategy and  products – constantly testing and modifying to improve user experience and behaviors.