We are a team of entrepreneurs, fintech and emerging market experts first.

We’re entrepreneurs, fintech and emerging markets experts first. Our goal is to help create startups that combine profit with purpose in Sub Saharan Africa. We do this by taking ideas from scratch, or startups in their infancy, and  turning them into autonomous companies using shared expertise, human capital, and resources.

The Team

  • Dr. Dan Marom
    Dr. Dan Marom Partner
    World leading expert in
    crowd funding
  • Yardenne Assa-Maor
    Yardenne Assa-Maor Partner
    Entrepreneur and emerging
    markets expert
  • Prof. Dan Ariely
    Prof. Dan Ariely Partner
    Renowned expert in
    behavior economics
  • Ido Ginzburg
    Ido Ginzburg Chief Investment Officer
    Financial economist and
    emerging markets expert
  • Yael Hallak
    Yael Hallak Behavioral Economics Strategist
  • Noa Moshkovitz
    Noa Moshkovitz Project Manager and Data Lead

Board Members & Advisors

  • Eytan Stibbe
    Eytan Stibbe Lead Investor
    Lead investor, member of world economic forum
  • Nimrod Gerber
    Nimrod Gerber Advisor
    Emerging markets expert